7.6.2018 RSM18 is underway in Reykjavik Iceland. Follow all the events on facebook @eurorsa

14.3.2018 Today sadly marked the one year anniversary of the loss of Rescue 116. On board was Captain Dara Fitzpatrick, Captain Mark Duffy, Winch operator Paul Ormsby and Winchman Ciarán Smith. As they had done countless times before the crew of Rescue 116 were taking part in a mission to render aid to an injured sailor at sea. Services across Ireland today paid respect to Dara, Mark, Paul and Ciarán who in their service to the Irish Coast Guard were a beacon of hope to those in peril on Irish seas.  https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1872639146088209

12.3.2018 Overnight the Spanish Rescue Helicopter "Helimer 401" conducted a night time recovery of an injured passenger from the cruise vessel "Ventura" in rough conditions some 500km off the Galician Coast in Northern Spain. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1870255969659860

9.3.2018 A Rescue Swimmer from the Portuguese Air Force 751 squadron takes part in the evacuation of stranded sailors from a vessel stranded in the Tagus river.   https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1867100136642110

7.3.2018 Crew from the Irish Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 116 based out of Dublin evacuate a 12 week old baby from home cut off by snow as cold weather continues to ravage Ireland and continental Europe. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1864532926898831 . Meanwhile, further South in Portugal the crew from the Portuguese Air Force Squadron 751 conducted the Medevac of an injured sailor from the vessel "Monte Da Guia" in adverse conditions in the estuary of the Tagus river. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1864470596905064

1.3.2018 The webpage for RSM18 the 5th Rescue Swimmer's meeting is now live. Check it out at http://rsm18.lhg.is/

17.2.2018 EURORSA members from the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard conducted the medevac of an injured sailor from a tanker to the North West of Aruba. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1845218372163620

25.2.2017 In an amazing rescue a EURORSA member from the Finnish Border Guard dove 1.5m under water to rescue a man who had fallen through the Ice on a Finish lake. The man was winched aboard the aircraft and the Rescue Swimmer along with is colleges commenced medical treatment as he was rushed to hospital. Thanks to the amazing work of the Rescue Swimmer and his crew (and the ice) the man made a full recovery. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1470104779674983

14.2.2017 EURORSA members from Spain rescue 8 fishermen from a liferaft after their fishing vessel "Busi" caught fire 12nm NW of Cedeira in North West Spain. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1488941587791302

5.2.2017 EURORSA members from Spain, rescue 12 sailors from lift rafts in winds gusting to almost 60 knots after their vessel sinks in the Bay of Biscay. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/photos/a.258562637495876.71415.218603738158433/1449583961727065/?type=3

24.1.2017 A EURORSA member from the Norwegian Air Force Rescues six persons from the sinking fishing vessel "Fish Trans" after in ran into trouble off the Northern Norwegian coast. The Rescue Swimmer recovered the sailors from the cold waters of the Norwegian Sea in the middle of the night in 65 knot winds and 30 ft waves. https://www.facebook.com/eurorsa/posts/1445732185445576

12.6.2016 EURORSA 2016 Magazine is out for download in the Magazine section. 

30.3.2016 EURORSA has started a cooperation with MOAS - Migrant Offshore Aid Station to save lives at the Aegean Sea.

3.8.2015 Official announcement of the next 4th Rescue Swimmer Meeting - RSM16Italy.

31.3.2015 Rescue Swimmer Magazine No.2,  1/2015 is under construction. Interested in advertising in our magazine? Go to EURORSA Magazine  for more info and check the previous magazine.

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