5th Rescue Swimmer meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland 2018

The 5th Rescue Swimmer’s meeting will be held in Iceland from the 7th-9th of June. Like in previous years, this conference will allow Rescue Swimmers from across Europe and as far away as South Africa, Australia, Argentina and Chile to come together and learn from each other's experiences. It will also allow swimmers to meet face to face with the supplies of some of the best equipment in the industry to ensure they have the information, experience and equipment to conduct their lifesaving missions to the highest standard. For more information head to or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4th Rescue Swimmer meeting in Italy, La Spezia 2016

The Fourth Rescue Swimmers meeting was hosted by the Italian Coast Guard and the city of La Spezia in the North of Italy. The meeting was held from the 8th to the 10th of June with members from seventeen countries from around the world including three from the Southern hemisphere with members from Argentina, South Africa and Australia also able to attend. Like the meetings before, the gathering was a chance for swimmers to learn from each other and meet face to face with suppliers of rescue equipment and get hands on experience with some of the best gear in the industry. The meeting also saw a great afternoon had a the Italian Navy pool where extensive tests were conducted on the EURORSA fitness test and the running of the first international Rescue Swimmers relay took place with Finland taking out the inaugural championships. 

The location of the next meeting was also confirmed for Iceland, so we look forward to seeing everyone again in Reykjavik 2018.

Fly Safe and Swim Hard - EURORSA board. 


3rd Rescue Swimmer meeting in Spain, Gijon 2014


The 3rd Rescue Swimmers meeting was hosted by Spanish Maritime Safety authority - Salvamento Maritimo and Spanish Maritime Safety Training Center - Centro Jovellanos in Gijon, Spain 5.-7.2014. The meeting was organized by Spanish members of EURORSA in co-operation with Spanish maritime safety authorities and several supporters. The beautiful City of Gijon welcomed us with open arms and the hospitality was overwhelming.

The number of attendants was increased by almost 100 rescue swimmers from the previous meeting in Denmark. Also the amount of gear and equipment suppliers attending the meeting was tripled. The brotherhood has grown fast and continues to grow. The meeting in Gijon was well organized and the numbers prove the fact that there has really been a clear demand for this association.

Again we had many interesting presentations of various topics but the best thing overall was meeting colleagues from all corners of the world and to notice the natural camaraderie between the brothers with fins.

See you again in 2016. Where.. Italy maybe?



Save the Baltic Sea swim 2013

EURORSA arranged a charity swim with BSAG - Baltic Sea Action Group 1st-2nd July 2013. The swimteam consisted of 12 swimmers who were from: Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.The swim was conducted as a relay from Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki, Finland. Total swim distance was approx. 100km and the swimmers arrived in Helsinki earlier than planned in 26Hrs.


The weather and water temperature(12-16*C) challeged us, but we overcame the difficulties  with determination and "safety first" attitude. Our commitment on raising awereness on the diare state of the Baltic Sea and to BSAG - Baltic Sea Action Group was widely recognized. Save the Baltic Sea swim 2013 was a success in  many ways. EuroRSA feels great pride of the members who open-mindedly travelled  to northern hemisphere and jumped in to the  cold Baltic Sea to raise awereness in this important issue.

Chek Video!!!



2nd Rescue Swimmer meeting in Denmark, Aalborg 2012

The Royal Danish Air Force hosted the 2nd meeting at Air Transport Wing Aalborg. We had almost 50 participants from Denmark, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Spain, USA, Australia, Norway, Estonia and Portugal.


We were priviledged to hear very intresting lectures and presentations. Everybody was very active in sharing their own experiences and several suppliers had their special gear on display with some new innovations as well. The program also included a demo flight with the Danes new multirole Helicopter EH-101 and some training with safety equipments.
Main focus was to meet colleagues and  to share knowledge and  experinces of this job that very often involves a high risk. Looking forward to hear from you in the near future and meeting you in June 2014 at the Spanish Maritime Safety Training Center - Centro Jovellanos in Gijon.

Best Regards and be Safe out there, The Board of EURORSA


1st Rescue Swimmer meeting in Finland / Estonia, 2009   

The first meeting was organized by Finnish and Estonian rescue swimmers. We started the meeting in Finland at the Finnish Maritime Safety Center,Meriturva. During the meeting we also visited Finnish Border Guard, Air Patrol Squadron base in Helsinki and Estonian Border Police base in Tallinn. There were swimmers from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain and UK. As a conclusion the participants agreed to establish an European association for helicopter rescue swimmers. EURORSA was born!

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