EURORSA has launched a project which aims to initiate development of common physical testing for Helicopter Rescue Swimmers (aka Winchman/UK, SAR diver/France, etc.) in Europe.

The Purpose of the association is to enforce SAR aircrew men, working full-time as helicopter rescue swimmers, mutual and general benefits that are related to practicing the profession, to improve co-operation between the members and to improve the general conditions of the occupation. Our motto: “Nobody Gets Left Behind”.

Current situation:
Helicopter SAR operations in Europe are conducted by a wide variety of operators: Civilian, Military and by Border/Coast Guard operators. All operators have their own regulations and advisement for Rescue Swimmer recurrent physical testing. Testing methods vary a lot although in more extreme circumstances; performing in water, the physical demand can be seen similar to all Helicopter Rescue Swimmers.

Development of common standards for Rescue Swimmers recurrent physical testing should be seen as strengthening the profession and as another tool for the SAR helicopter operators to have their Rescue Swimmers prepared for the day, or night when their efforts in the pool are ultimately tested.



3.8.2015 EURORSA RS PT 2.0 unfolding as a rescue Swimmer swimming competition In the next Rescue Swimmer Meeeting - RSM16 in Italy, June 2016.

19.2.2015 The deadline for publication is set to 31.12.2015. Currently evaluating a 600m functional swimtest that includes swimming without any additional gear, swimming with fins/mask/snorkle, weight swim (simulaiting buddy tow) and weight drag under water (simulaiting the unintensional submersions with increased respiratory rate). 

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